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  Marion County Arkansas Republicans



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At Christmas time each year we try to sponsor a family and provide Christmas gifts and all the fixings for a Christmas dinner.  Last year we sponsored a family of 6.  This year was a family of 8 that deeply touched our hearts.   This was a unique family that had been touched by murder. The daughter of the victim and her husband are now parents to their own 3 kids and 3 young family members affected by the murder. This situation tugged at our heart strings.  The Marion County Republican Committee and the Republican Women of Marion County particpate.  We collect items, donations and gifts and after having dinner we prepare them for delivery.  We were so busy we did not snap any pictures.  But we did get one of our members who was purchasing some items while out shopping for the family.  Gary and Debbie Schnoor are new members to our committee and they have jumped right in and been a great asset.  We thank them for all they do.


Marion County Republican committee and the Republican Women of Marion County participated int he Bull Shoals White River Chamber of Commerce Christmas Parade as well as the Flippin Christmas Parade.  Those on the Bull Shoals float were Debbie Schnoor, Dustin Beals, Jessica Hall, and Carla Purdome.    In the Flippin Parade were Carla Purdome, Debbie Schnoor, Karen Carter and Angie Goodman.   Many thanks to Gary Schnoor for driving the float and helping untangle Christmas lights.  Lots of candy was delivered at these parades. 


In January, 2015, the Marion County Republican Committee elected a new Chairman, Tony Todaro.  At that time, Tony had been a resident of Marion County and a member of the MCRC for 10 years. He served as State Committeeman and on several committees at the State, District and local levels.  Tony has been a great asset to the Republican party.  In 2021 he submitted his resignation, announced he was considering running for political office and could no longer serve as Chairman.  Tony is now the appointed County Collector.  

The Committee has great comaraderie and get togehter often for meetings and other non political activites.  Food always seems to be at the center of all events.  The Committe wanted to do something light hearted so Tony's cake reads:  "Sorry you're leaving we'll never forget you Tom Tony whatever"

Effective November 1, 2021, Karen Carter was elected County Chairman.  Karen has been a member of the county committee since 1990. She has served as the Secretary, Treasurer, delegate to District, and served on several committees.  She has also served an Election Commissioner.  

Tony and his famous cake.  Thank you Anthony Todaro for serving as Marion County Republican Chairman.

Chairman Todaro was so very proud of the accomplishment of the Marion County Committee.  He has set the goal high for Chairman Carter.


Covid really shut activities down for about a year.  We glad to have our Turkey Trot event back.    The Committee and the Women's Club were busy and thankfully so.  Marion County Republicans at Turkey Trot conducting a straw poll. If Donald Trump were to run in 2024 who do you think would make a strong running mate? We will post results after Turkey Trot. We have game for kids, and campaign buttons, hats & t-shirts.


271 participants

1. 74 votes RON DESANTIS, Governor State of Florida

2. 35 votes SARAH SANDERS, former WH Press Secretary

3. 34 votes CANDACE OWENS Conservative Political Commentator

4. 26 votes TED CRUZ. US Senator of Texas

5. 25 votes TOM COTTON US Senator of Arkansas

6. 16 votes. NIKKI HALEY former Gov. So. Carolina

7. 15 votes. TIM SCOTT US Senator So. Carolina

8. 13 votes. KRISTI NOEM Governor Of So. Dakota

9. 12 votes. SOME ONE ELSE not in this group

10. 8 votes. GREG ABBOTT Governor Of State of Texas

11. 7 votes. MIKE PENCE former Vice President of USA

Tied at 12 & 13

12. 3 votes MARCO RUBIO US Senator Florida

13. 3 votes MIKE POMPEO Former US Sec. of State



Saturday, March 27, 2021 at Gaston's on the White River, The Marion County Republicans hosted a thank you brunch for Doyle Webb who has served as Chairman of the Republican Party in the State of Arkansas for 12 years. Joined by his lovely wife Barbara Webb we all enjoyed some much needed fellowship, some great food and an opportunity to say Thank you to great man for his many years of service. On to your Next Adventure Emeritus Chairman Webb, God Bless you.



Doyle Webb was elected in 2008 to serve as Chairman of the Republican Party of Arkansas. He was the longest-serving Arkansas Republican Party Chairman in the history of Arkansas and the nation. Webb led the party into historic victories which included taking control of the state Legislature for the first time in 138 years and picking up Arkansas' Fourth Congressional District seat.

Webb’s election as RPA Chairman was the culmination of over 35 years of grassroots work within the Party. From a Saline County Precinct Captain to County Secretary and Chairman to General Counsel of the State Executive Committee, Doyle has served the Republican Party in every aspect. 

In state and local politics, Doyle was the first elected Republican in Saline County under the new form of county government. He was elected Justice of the Peace in 1986 and served for 3 terms. As a J.P., Doyle distinguished himself as Budget Chairman and actually oversaw the lowering of property taxes in the county during his tenure.

In 1994, Doyle was elected to the State Senate as the first Republican from Saline and Perry Counties. His committee work included: Chairman of Joint Energy; Vice Chairman of State Agencies and Governmental Affairs; Joint Budget; Legislative Council; Legislative Audit; Children and Youth; Judiciary; Efficiency; City, County, and Local Affairs; Natural Cultural Resources Council; and the Rural Fire Department Study Commission. During his two terms in the State Senate, Senator Webb fought for lower taxes, government efficiency, ethics reform, the rights of the unborn and many other issues important to the people of his district and the state as a while. He co-authored the Senate's Code of Ethics and led the way in achieving the redevelopment of Interstate 30 into 6 lanes.

Near the end of Senator Webb's second term in the Senate, Lt. Governor Win Rockefeller asked the Senator to join him as his Chief of Staff. Doyle served in this capacity from April of 2002 through the 2003 and 2005 Sessions of the legislature. He worked closely with Lt. Governor Rockefeller during his term as Republican Party Chairman and in preparation for running for Governor in 2006. In June of 2005, Win announced that he would suspend his race for Governor due to an unclassified blood disorder. In July of 2006 Lt. Governor Rockefeller died while in office. Doyle continued Win's service as his Chief of Staff until January of 2007 when his term ended.

Chairman Webb holds a Juris Doctorate (law degree) and a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He has practiced law for over 28 years. Emeritus Chairman Doyle Webb is now serving as Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge’s Redistricting Director.

Doyle and his wife, Barbara who is an Associate Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court, reside in Benton.


On Saturday, December 19, 2020 the Marion County Republican Committe and guests gathered to celebrate Christmas at Parkview Pizza in Flippin, AR. Ugly sweaters were the wardrobe of choice. Silly games were played and fun was had by all. The most important part of the evening was the gathering of gifts and food items purchased for a family of five (5) that was sponsored in Marion County. Many thanks to the Marion County Department of Human Services in helping to coordinate this effort.



Saturday, June 22, 2018

Bob and Linda Zdora attending the RPA Summer meeting. They are Marion County's State Committeeman and State Committeewoman. Many elected and candidates were in attendance. RPA Chairman Doyle Webb opened the meeting and it kept it running smoothly. Miss Robinson who is the 2018 Ralph Vines Speech Contest winner gave her winning speech to the audience. Her speech was about free economics and capitalism. She is only 11 years old.

Attorney General Rutledge gave an update on her office and reminded people that hard work was still needed for the 2018 General Election. Tommy Land for Land Commissioner spoke as well as current Land Commissioner John Thurston who is seeking the office of Secretary of State. The Lt. Governor Tim Griffin came by and introduced his daughter to the committee. Goe

Bob and Linda Zdora, Marion County State Committeeman and State Committeewoman with Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson.

RPA Chairman Doyle Webb pictured with State Committeewoman Linda Zdora and State Committeeman Bob Zdora of Marion County.



Saturday, December 9th, 2017

Look who is riding in a sleigh! Flippin Chamber of Commerce held it's annual Holi-Dazzle Parade and Marion County Assessor, Tonya Eppes and Marion County Circuit/County Clerk, Dawn Moffet came along for the ride. It looks like they had some held passing out some candy along the way.


December, 2017

At the Tusk Reception on Friday December 1, 2017, Republican U.S. Representatives, Bruce Westerman, Arkansas's 4th congressional district, and French Hill, Arkansas's 2nd congressional district, provided current information on the Senate and House tax bills that are expected to be finalized and presented to President Trump by Christmas.

What a great showing for the Winter State meeting at our fabulous Rockefeller Center on Saturday, December 2, 2017, Chairman Doyle announced again that this facility is available for Committee, District, AFRW, and State meetings. How very generous! Chairman Doyle was able to conduct the business meeting, along with time for the guest speakers, Reports, award presentations, and auctions to take place in a timely manner enabling those who chose to attend the Governor's luncheon at the mansion to enjoy that event on time.

The meeting was followed by a luncheon at the Governor's Mansion which was beautifully decorated for the Christmas season.

Those attending were: Chairman Anthony Todaro, State Committeeman Bob Zdora, State Committeewoman Linda Zdora, Darlene Clark, District Representative to the Executive Committee, and Carla Faison, 1st Vice President of Republican Women of Marion County who served as a proxy for President Tonya Eppes.



December 2, 2017

Pictured in their Christmas attire for the parade are Marion County Treasurer Ron McPherson, Assessor Tonya Eppes, and County-Circuit Clerk Dawn Moffet.


November, 2017

Gov. Asa Hutchinson appointed Bull Shoals resident Nicholas Nugent to serve as Justice of the Peace for Marion County’s District 2.

Nick Nugent was sworn into office by Marion County/Circuit Clerk Dawn Moffet on November 1st. He will finish the term of former Justice of the Peace David Nixon who became Mayor of Bull Shoals.

Justice Nugent's term will expire on December 31, 2018 and he will not be eligible to run for that position under the law.

He has lived in the Twin Lakes area all of his life. Justice Nugent moved with his family to Flippin in 2004, and made the decision to purchase his own home in Bull Shoals in 2014. He has worked at Micro Plastics for 7 years, and recently married his wife Kala in September of 2017. "I love this area, and the serenity it offers its residents. As this is the area that I’ve chosen to begin raising a family in, I am dedicated to being an active part of helping it continue to flourish and prosper."

“I’m passionate about this area and want to do what I can to promote its growth,” Nugent said. “I feel blessed and excited to receive this appointment.”

Nugent, 27, has lived in the Twin Lakes Area his whole life and moved to Bull Shoals about 3 years ago, he said. He is an assistant manager at Micro Plastics, Inc. in Flippin.

Nugent’s term will expire on Dec. 31, 2018, and under Arkansas statute he is ineligible to seek immediate re-election as the District 2 justice of the peace.

“I appreciate your willingness to serve the public, and I am counting on your wise counsel and advice as you accept this position of responsibility,” Hutchinson wrote in Nugent’s appointment letter. “I look forward to your participation and support as we work together to shape the future of Arkansas.”

Justice Nugent will join the rest of the Quorum Court member for their next scheduled meeting on Tuesday night at 6 p.m. in the courtroom of the Marion County Courthouse.


October 13 & 14th, 2017

The Marion County Republican Committee along with the Republican Women of Marion County and the North Central Arkansas Young Republicans had a booth at the 72nd Annual Trot Festival. There was a lot of activity at the booth with games, a raffle, and a straw poll.

The results are as follows:


1. The NFL should stand for our National Anthem? Agree-86%; Disagree-3%; No Response-11%

2. I trust the media? Agree-5%; Disagree-81%; No Response-14%

3. We should build a wall. Agree-69%; Disagree-20%; No Response-11%

4. I would re-elect Trump. Agree-70%; Disagree-16%; No Response-14%


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Marion County was well represented at the district meeting in Alma, AR. Pictured are 4 of the delegates who attended the meeting August, 2017. Seated left to right: Rachel White, Glenda Rigmaiden, District Committeewomen and Ken Rigmaiden, District Committeeman. Standing is Rick White, MCRC 1st Vice President. Also in attendance as delegates were Chairman, Anthony Todaro; Dawn Moffet, Circuit-County Clerk; Carla Faison, MCRC Secretary; Karen Carter, MCRC Treasurer, and Scott Carter, NCYR Treasurer.

Lots of good information was shared and great enthusiasm for President Donald Trump. Meeting started off with trivia from the Republican Party of Arkansas book, "Heroes and Heroines of the Journey, the Builders of the Modern Republican Party of Arkansas". An update on various pieces of legislation and issues was given by U.S. Rep. Steve Womack. 


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Food Closet Board in Yellville hosted a Trivia Night Fundraiser. It was a super fun night. There were ten rounds of ten questions each. Prizes were given for most points, best theme, and most spirited. The Marion County Republican Committee participated as the “Pachyderms”. They won some prizes, learned something and had fun!

Seated left to right: Team Captain, MCRC Chairman Anthony Todaro along with team Dawn Moffet, Circuit-County Clerk, Ron McPherson, County Treasurer, team member Chris Carter, Elaine Ryder, Election Commissioner, Austin Wilson (not picured), President of the North Central Arkansas Young Republicans, and Darlene Clark, 2nd Vice President of the Arkansas Federation of Republican Women and 2nd Vice President of MCRC.



Bull Shoals, AR

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Marion County Republican Committe was host of the Third District Meeting which was held at the Gaston's Visitor's Center overlooking the beautiful Bull Shoals Lake and Dam and the White River. Many special guests were in attendence, even I Donald J. Trump made an appearance. Chairman Doyle Webb and his wife Barbara were joined by National Committeeman and National Committeewoman Jonathan Barnett and Jonelle Fulmer. Many candidates and elected officials participated as well.

Many thanks to the Republican Women of Marion County for the wonderful breakfast and setting up for the event. Great job! Pictured below are the hardworking members of the Republican Women of Marion County. Pictured L to R Carla Faison, Elaine Ryder, Dawn Moffet, Tonya Eppes, Linda Zdora, Rachel White, and Darlene Clark & grandson.

Pictured is Anthony Todaro, Chairman of the Marion County Republican Committee welcoming guests to the 3rd District meeting.


On Saturday August 8, 2015 the Marion County Republican Committee sponsored Music on the Square in Yellville, Arkansas.

On August 6th Fox's GOP televised debate was viewed by over 24 million people. This Republican primary debate was the highest-rated in television history.

In light of this, the MCRC decided to conduct a Straw Poll during Saturdays Music on the Square. The poll included all candidates who have declared to run for President of the United States 2016. 

Tony Todaro, Chairman of MCRC, invited everyone in attendance to participate in the poll by going to the booth. As each person took one straw they were asked this question, “If the election for President of the United States were held tonight, which candidate would you vote for?” The straw/votes were tallied after the entertainment break and the winners were announced by Todaro. Applause broke out by supporters of winning candidates as each of the total numbers were announced.

A total of 65 people participated in the straw poll. The top 3 Democratic winners were; (although not officially declared), Joe Biden 2 votes; Bernie Sanders received 3 votes; Hillary Clinton topped at 11 votes. The top 3 Republicans Candidates were; Dr. Ben Carson with 9 votes; Mike Huckabee received 18 votes and Donald Trump topped all of the candidates with a total of 23 votes.

MCRC spokesperson Debra Doshier spoke about how important voting will be in 2016, particularly important will be the Tuesday, March 1, primary election in Arkansas. Doshier also extended an invitation to anyone interested in joining the MCRC by attending the monthly meetings. The Republican women’s group meets the 2nd Thursday from 5:30 to 6:30 pm at Breadeaux Pizza in Yellville, Ar. The Marion County Republican Committee also meets on the 2nd Thursday at 7:00 pm in the Marion County Courthouse. Full straw poll results will appear on the MCRC new web site:

Marion County Presidential Straw Poll Results OCTOBER 10TH 2015

The Marion County Arkansas Republican Committee had their booth at the 70th annual Turkey Trot in Yellville, Arkansas. October 9th & 10th 2015. At the 2 day event, committee volunteers assisted individuals who wished to register to vote for the upcoming 2016 elections. A map of Marion County was displayed to assist MC voters in locating the districts and polling places where they should vote. Several local Republican Candidates visited the booth over the 2 day event and voters were able to meet them in person and receive literature. The committees fund raising booth raised $215.00 with fun toss games for the young and young at heart.

President Rachel White of the MC Republican Women’s group was in attendance to answer questions and invite women to join the group that meets the 2nd Thursday of each month,6 pm at Breadeaux 202 Hwy 62, Yellville. Rachel also collected donations for the scholarship fund available to MC high school seniors or home school student who will be entering college next fall. Applicants are required to submit an essay, not to exceed 500 words on “What Patriotism Means to Me.” Requirements and applications are on the website.

Once again the committee conducted a voluntary straw poll for the 2016 Presidential Elections.

Democrats: Biden 7, Sanders 10, Clinton 14

Republicans: Graham and Pataki 0 vote each, Kasich and Santorum 1 vote each, Christy and Jindal 4 votes each, Bush 7 Votes, Paul 9 votes, Fiorina 18 votes, Rubio 19 votes, Cruz 20 votes, Huckabee 39 votes, Trump 92 votes and Carson Led the pack with 96 votes.

The Marion County Arkansas Republican Committee meets the 2nd Thursday of the month at the MC Court House 7 pm. The committee has launched a new site with current information about National GOP Candidates, Local Candidates, US and State GOP Officials, Local MC County Officials, MC Voting Precincts, Newsletters, Scholarship fund and the 2016 Republican Debate televised schedule is also available.